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David Schade

Vice Chair, Research
Department of Internal Medicine

David S. Schade, MD

Office of Research
Department of Internal Medicine
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About the Office of Research

The Office of Research supports faculty and staff investigators in the Department of Internal Medicine. The office also provides administrative support to the department and the Clinical and Translational Science Center especially in areas related to research.

In 2018, the National Institute of Health released the ranking of the Top 115 recipient institutions to include hospitals, institutes, medical schools, universities, etc. UNM's Department of Internal Medicine was listed as 59th in the nation as a recipient of extramural funding (not including R&D contracts awarded).

The DoIM's Office of Research assists investigators within the department in the search for potential funding. In order to successfully support investigators, the Office of Research provides:

  • Project planning
  • Budget preparation
  • Compliance review of agency’s application requirements
  • Guidance in electronic submission
  • Obtaining departmental approvals for submission to the HSC Preaward Office, and
  • Ensuring that research faculty are provided with the necessary laboratory space to conduct their research.

The DoIM Office of Research believes that contributing factors to success in research include a strong infrastructure, support for designated research effort in an academic environment, and financial support from the department. It is the intent of the Office of Research to support, guide, and educate faculty, so that they are prepared to successfully navigate through the process in order to facilitate ethical and sound scientific research.

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Assistance to Researchers

The Office of Research will assist researchers with all facets of the processing of applying for contracts and grants.

The Office of Research will help investigators search for appropriate extramural sources of funding both public—federal, state, and other government agencies, and private—corporations, foundations, and other non-profit entities. These will be investigated to identify potential funding sources. Investigators are encouraged to register with one of the services such as UNM's Genius|Smarts that will notify them of funding opportunities in their areas of interest. Investigators can also register with NIH's listserve to receive weekly e-mails of NIH's funding announcements at

Akshay Sood, MD

Akshay Sood, MD, MPH, Tenured Professor in the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

Preparation of Project Budgets and Budget Forms

The Office of Research assists investigators with constructing and formatting the budgets for their projects. We cannot tell you what to do or what it will cost, but we can help you put it in the proper format for both the funding agency and the Health Sciences Center’s PreAward office and ensure compliance with agency and university policies.


Compliance with the Funding Agency’s Application Requirements

Different funding agencies have different requirements for applications. The Office of Research will review your application to ensure that it complies with the particular agencies requirements. But we can only do this if we have a copy of the funding agency’s guidelines, Request for Proposals (RFP), Program Announcement or other materials that contains this information. If you are responding to a written announcement or solicitation, be sure to give us a copy with your draft, or tell where to get it on line. Many funding agencies have web sites where this is available. Just give us the URL.

Small Grants for Research

The Office of Research has limited funding available
to make Small Research Grants to faculty
investigators in the Department of Internal Medicine.
Grants of up to $500 can be made for the following:

  • Grant writing expenses
  • Volunteer fees for faculty studies
  • Student research projects
  • Resident research projects
  • Enhance the research infrastructure of the department

Submission through and Other Electronic Submission

All federal funding agencies are utilizing electronic submission of proposals. Twenty six federal agencies including NIH require electronic submission through The Office of Research can assist investigators with preparation of their proposals for electronic submission. Please note that electronic submission of proposals to NIH requires additional time. The HSC-PreAward/Sponsored Projects Office requires a 10 business day advance proposal submission for NIH proposals submitted via If the proposal is due at NIH on June 1, it must first be submitted to the HSC-PreAward/Sponsored Projects Office  no later than May 18th. Please note that the proposal should be submitted to the Department of Internal Medicine's Office of Research for initial review and internal approvals.

Obtaining Departmental Approvals to Submit to PreAward

When the application is essentially complete, bring it to the Office of Research. We will review the application, alert the principal investigator to any problems, and obtain the necessary approvals and signature from the department for submission to the HSC-PreAward/Sponsored Projects Office.

Plan Ahead!

Remember: Contact the Office of Research four days prior to the HSC-PreAward/Sponsored Projects Office 10-day deadline for NIH electronic submissions and 5 days if it is a subaward. We will process your application as quickly as we can. If there are no problems, it can take up to two or three days as people may not be around to sign off on your proposal. Plan on getting your application to us at least eight working days before the application deadline, thirteen if it's an electronic submission to NIH. Get it to us sooner if you can.

Research Space

The Office of Research in the DoIM manages the research space for the department, maintains documentation on occupants of that space, and handles negotiations for additional space or changes to the current space assignments.

Contact us

David S. Schade

David S. Schade, MD

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Vice Chair, Office of Research

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Josie S. Zamora

Senior Contract & Grant Administrator
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