Office of VA Affairs

Office links DoIM with VA Medical Center

Henry Lin

Vice Chair, VA Affairs
Department of Internal Medicine

Henry Lin, MD

Office of VA Affairs
Department of Internal Medicine
MSC 10 5550
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

The Office of VA Affairs is the link between the Department of Internal Medicine and its teaching and clinical activities based at the Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center in Albuquerque and elsewhere.


  • Promote the academic mission of DOIM
  • Expand the research portfolio of DOIM
  • Develop innovative curricula for education of house staff
  • Provide unique clinical training opportunities
  • Leverage resources of VHA to strengthen DOIM

Recent activities


  • Hospitalist curriculum: a comprehensive curriculum covering seminal topics of Internal Medicine over 52 blocks has been implemented for the education of residents and students.
  • Quality-related research: outcomes research activities related to in-patient care of conditions such as diabetes have been incorporated into a curriculum for house-staff education.
  • Medical Informatics: a revised curriculum for ambulatory internal medicine residents is under development to incorporate medical informatics and population registry-driven care.
  • Outcomes and Translational Medicine: VA-based faculty are involved in didactic education in programs such as Masters in Clinical Science, Global Health and Internal Medicine residency
  • Rural health initiatives: these educational efforts dovetail with population-based programs.
  • Telemedicine: VA-based faculty members have participated in several elements of Project ECHO.
  • Training to Medical, PA, Nursing, Pharmacy students and all residents and fellows.
  • The Medical Informatics Service allows for new faculty and house staff training


  • Continued growth of research program and research-track faculty has occurred at the VA Medical Center.
  • VERA reimbursement, the indirect costs generated by VA research, increased from $7 million in 2005 to $20 million in 2011.
  • Medicine Service at the New Mexico VA Health Care System is one of the top 12 research facilities in the national VA system. Overall, the NM VA is ranked #20 in the country for research funding.
  • Currently, New Mexico VA Health Care System is the leading research center of VISN 18, the Southwest VA System.

Center of Excellence in Cellular and Molecular Medicine

  • This basic science center opened in Feb 2008 and is the flagship of the Medicine Service research program in laboratory science.
  • Currently 19 faculty are based in the Center.
  • Nearly $20 million in extramural grant support has accrued to faculty members of this Center.
  • Nearly 50 UNM-based trainees at all levels are associated with the Center. These include UNM undergraduate students, medical students, residents, fellows, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.
  • Areas of expertise represented in the Center include GI, ID, Pulmonary, Geriatrics, Endocrinology and Rheumatology.

The VA Center for Health Informatics and Outcomes Research

  • This Center is the research arm of DOIM’s Academic General Internal Medicine Division.
  • This Center houses seven faculty currently with over 15 major research and training grants.
  • This Center was recently awarded one of seven VA National SCAN Center grants in partnership with UNM ECHO.
  • The VA Center for Health Informatics and Outcomes Research maintains a partnership with CTSC and MCS Programs at UNM.