Welcome from the Program Director

Denece Kesler

Welcome to the University of New Mexico (UNM) Public Health and General Preventive Medicine Residency Program! We are pleased to offer a two-year residency training program. Consider with me:

If Preventive Medicine were to be more prominently in place, there would be a very different landscape in the US, with greatly reduced disease, disability, and death.

What if, instead of sitting in a clinic waiting room or being hospitalized for preventable illnesses, people would be experiencing the joy of a life of safe environments, wellness, and overall contentment?

Have you found your calling in Preventive Medicine? Preventive Medicine has a focus on the health and wellness not only of the individual, but also of communities and other defined populations. Public health and preventive medicine specialists have expertise in unique areas in medicine, with our residents having diverse opportunities to gain clinical and public health skills, as you can see from our curriculum.

We welcome applicants with an interest in developing skills to serve diverse and medically under-served groups. New Mexico has a rural, geographically dispersed population with insufficient access to health care providers. New Mexico is also a “minority-majority” state: 48% of the population is Hispanic, 11% American Indian, and 3.7% mixed-race. Public health and preventive medicine training in New Mexico with our highly diverse population and challenging health disparities leads to incomparable, enriched learning opportunities while improving the health of New Mexicans.

Residents at UNM receive a solid academic foundation in the core areas of public health, apply their skills in a variety of practicum rotations, and develop the ability to perform research through mentored projects and the completion of a Master of Science in Clinical Research degree.

We welcome you to contact the program at (505) 272-1443 or email our Program Coordinator, Raquel Trujillo at ratrujillo@salud.unm.edu with further questions. Be a champion for prevention!

Denece Kesler, MD, MPH 
Program Director