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Tuberculosis Research in South America

Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria (NIAID)

Mycobacterium tuberculosis
bacteria. (NIAID)

The University of New Mexico has a number of collaborative partners in South America focused on tuberculosis research and clinical management of the disease.  These activities are highlighted below:

  • Dr. Marcos Burgos, Division of Infectious Diseases at the UNM SOM, is the Medical Director for the Tuberculosis Program for the New Mexico Department of Health. Dr. Burgos’ research focuses on international health, tuberculosis control programs, drug-resistant tuberculosis, and molecular epidemiology. Dr. Burgos is also currently collaborating with the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease investigating the use of fixed-dose combined (FDC) drugs in the treatment of tuberculosis. As part of this study, Dr. Burgos directly monitors sites in Lima Peru, Cali Colombia, and Santa Cruz Bolivia.
  • Dr. Maritza Colombo and Dr. Vojo Deretic have ongoing international collaboration through an AIDS FIRCA project on cell biology mechanisms of autophagy in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Dr. Vojo Deretic focuses on the genetic basis of MTB pathogenesis and cell biology at the UNM SOM. Dr. Maritza Colombo performs research on the cell biology of intracellular pathogens at theInstituto de Histología y Embriología (IHem), in Mendoza, Argentina.  

UNM Infectious Disease fellows and internal medicine residents have performed clinical rotations at the Lima, Peru, site under the supervision of Dr. Burgos and the local PI, Dr. Eduardo Ticona. Through this network of clinical trial sites, individuals in the Program will have the opportunity to participate in international tuberculosis research, including TB control and clinical trials in Latin America.