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Facilities and Partners

There are a number of facilities and partners around the globe that participate in the Center for Global Health. These sites are part of our international collaborative network of clinicians and scientists working together to address important global health issues.

A description of the facilities and partners participating in the Center for Global Health are listed below:

UNM Hospital

UNM Hospital

University of New Mexico

The Laboratories of Tropical Diseases are located on the University of New Mexico campus in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. The Laboratories are part of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (HSC), established in 1994. HSC is the largest academic health complex in the state and has four primary mission areas: education; research; patient care; and partnership.

The Laboratories are in the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases. The Department of Internal Medicine, established in 1964, is comprised of over 176 faculty representing all the disciplines of Internal Medicine. The department's faculty are nationally and internationally recognized. The faculty, staff, and residents in the Department of Internal Medicine provide patient care and research to a culturally rich and diverse population.

Facilities and Partners in Kenya

Facilities and Partners in India

Facilities and Partners in Central and South America