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Goals and Objectives

Child in Gabon

Child in Gabon

The primary goal of our regional and global activities at UNM is to form a collaborative network of multidisciplinary scientists to address the determinants of emerging patterns in global health. While improved health for populations around the globe is an increasingly important international priority, opportunities for training in global health and for international research experiences, in particular, have not increased in response to growing interest in global health training among trainees at US universities. As the world becomes more interconnected, it is apparent that the major global health burdens facing our international community will require an integrated approach that addresses political, socio-economic, cultural, legal, biological, and medical issues.

Critical components of this approach include:

  1. training  future generations of global health researchers;
  2. integration of activities between centers in the US and the developing world; and
  3. engagement of community stakeholders who are not formally part of the academic enterprise.

The Center for Global Health will achieve these goals through coordinated activities that assemble international networks that interface closely with New Mexico and Greater Southwest community. The Program at UNM is the first of its kind in the Southwest and will create, in this fast-growing region of the country, a unique interdisciplinary effort that involves regional and global stakeholders.