Integrative Medicine in Residency (IMR Track)

Arti Prasad

Arti Prasad, MD, FACP
IMR Track Principal Investigator
and Coordinator.

The Integrative Medicine Track in Residency at UNM Internal Medicine Program is the first of its kind in the United States demonstrating the innovation and flexibility of our program. The IMR track is funded collaboratively by the Weil Foundation and the Department of Internal Medicine. We have decided to take a forward perspective in meeting the health care challenge of our country by providing an opportunity for our residents to embark on prevention and wellness as an antidote for the nation’s health care crisis.

The track is available to all Internal Medicine Residents regardless of their area of specialty focus in the field of Internal Medicine. The prerequisites to participate in this track are to have enthusiasm about a new learning opportunity, a sense of commitment towards health and well-being, and to be in good academic standing in the Internal Medicine Residency Program.


A Certificate of Completion through UNM Internal Medicine Program will be provided upon successful completion of the IMR track.

For more information about the Integrative Medicine Track in Residency at UNM, please contact Dr. Alisha Parada or Dr. Mark Lee

Why Should You Take This Track

  • Primary care focus but application in all specialties
  • More marketability in job hunting (Preventive, Integrative, Wellness, and Life Style  Medicine is a relatively hot area for many private practices and hospitals
  • Personal and Professional satisfaction (you can make a difference in someone's life)
  • A perk/reward in residency; not offered anywhere
  • An incentive to get better ITE and Board scores!
  • Integrative Medicine Research projects - present at local and national meetings

Unique Features of the IMR

  • On-line Community
  • Center for Life Elective
  • Research Project Requirement
  • Access to other relevant educational resources
  • Faculty Mentoring
  • End-of-Year Retreat with invited speakers
  • Field trips

Curriculum: Integrative Medicine in Residency (IMR) Track

Interactive Web-based Curriculum

Year 1 Content

  • Introduction to Integrative Medicine (Unit)
  • Prevention & Wellness (Unit)
    • Introduction to Integrative Medicine (Module)
      • Steps to complete within each module
      • Evaluation
    • U.S. Preventive Services Guidelines
    • Nutrition & Diet
    • Supplements & Prevention
    • Physical Activity
    • Stress & Mind-Body Medicine
    • Sleep & Health
    • Clinical Integration
    • Apply Your Knowledge
  • Tools Integrative Medicine
    • Motivational Interviewing for Behavioral Change
      • Steps to compete within the module
      • Evaluation

Year 2 Content

  • Some Pediatric & Adolescent Topics
    • Integrative Medicine & ADD/ADHD
    • Chronic Pain Syndrome
  • Women’s Health
    • PMS/PMDD
      • Steps to complete within each module
      • Evaluation
    • Dysmenorrhea
    • Pregnancy & Lactation
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Depression in Women
    • Women’s Case Study
    • Menopause
    • Osteoporosis
  • Acute Care Topics (Interactive Virtual Patient Cases)
  • Tools in Integrative Medicine
    • Integrative Medicine Intake Process
      • Steps to complete within each module
      • Evaluation
    • Botanicals
    • Mind-Body Medicine
(photo)-Integrative Medicine Clinic (photo credit - Barry Staver)

Center for Life

Year 3 Content

  • Chronic Illness
    • Approaches to Cardiovascular Health
      • Steps to complete within each module
      • Evaluation
  • Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health
  • Integrative Medicine Approaches to Back Pain
  • Gastrointestinal Topics
  • Obesity
  • Approaches to Diabetes
  • Approaches to Rheumatology
  • Special Topics
    • HIV
      • Steps to complete within each module
      • Evaluation
    • Cancer Survivorship
    • Environmental Medicine
    • Upper Respiratory Infection
  • Tools in Integrative Medicine
    • Integrative Medicine Care Plan Process
      • Steps to complete within each module
      • Evaluation
    • Manual Medicine
    • Energy Medicine
    • Whole Systems
    • Practice Management

Special Bonus Modules

  • Integrative Approach to Prostate Cancer
  • Integrative Approach to Anxiety and Depression

Competencies and Evaluation

ACGME Competencies

  • Patient Care: Multiple Direct Observations (Several at Years 1 & 3)
  • Medical Knowledge: MC Tests (Yearly)
  • Interpersonal Skills: Multiple Direct Observations (Years 1 & 3)
  • Professionalism: Self-Assessment (Yearly)
  • Practice-based learning and improvement: Self-Assessment (Yearly)
  • Systems-based practice: Reflections, Products (Years 2 & 3)

Program Evaluation

Through periodic surveys of the participants and the mentors


Medical Knowledge

  • Pre and Post tests

Patient Care & Interpersonal & Communication Skills

  • Direct Observation

Practice-Based Learning

  • Systems-Based Practice & Improvement & Professionalism

Field Trips

Integrative Medicine residents participate in a variety of field trips. Here are a few from recent years:

Herb Walks

2010 Herb Walk

This herb walk for the IMR residents and faculty took place at Ellis Trail in the Sandia Mountains.
The Sandia Mountains offer a variety of medicinal plants.

Homeopathic Medications

Heel, Inc.

The IMR faculty and residents were invited to a tour and presentation at the Albuquerque facility
of Heel, Inc., a producer and marketer of homeopathic combination products.

Program Retreat

2011 Retreat

Faculty and 2010-2011 Integrative Medicine Track residents participated in an IMR Program Retreat
at the beautiful Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Cultural Center.

2012-2013 Integrative Medicine Residents

Nour Ass'ad

Ass'ad, MD

Angela Dunn

Dunn, DO

Erin FitzGerald

FitzGerald, DO

Morgan Lyons

Lyons, DO

Natalie (Mariam) Salas

Natalie (Mariam)
Salas, MD