Integrative Medicine Research

Completed Research

La Tierra Sagrada Society Grant

"Access to Health Care through the Door of Recovery" (2006-2007)

Principals: Arti Prasad MD, Rebeccah Rodriguez DOM MPH

Community Partner: Metropolitan Assessment & Treatment Services (MATS)

Objective: to implement a pilot program providing acupuncture treatments for substance abuse clients to decrease withdrawal symptoms & promote acceptance by staff and clients in support of sustainability of services.

Methods: (a) provide auricular acupuncture treatment services 5 afternoons per week for 90-minute sessions each day for a period of 6 months to all MATS clients who volunteer to participate, (2) assess impact on withdrawal symptoms via clinical assessment forms completed by clients, (3) assess qualitative impact via staff & client narrative feedback, (4) outline future steps for sustainability of services.

Results: Acupuncture services were provided as planned, with participation of 524 clients. In total, 1925 treatments were completed in the 6 month timeframe. The average number of treatments were 3.7, with 208 clients receiving 1 treatment. Analyses of 5 key withdrawal symptoms (insomnia, anxiety, depression, drug dreams & cravings) will be performed on a random sample of the 524 clients who participated. Qualitative narratives from staff & clients were compiled to assess overall acceptance of the services. Both data analyses and qualitative narratives will be summarized in our final presentation & poster session. Future steps for sustainability were supported by state-wide legislative efforts for acudetox pilot programs, training of certified acupuncture detox specialists (CADS), and collaboration with MATS director and staff.

Conclusions: this acupuncture pilot program was successfully implemented for 6 consecutive months. A large segment of the client population at MATS participated and provided clinical assessments of the impact of the services on their withdrawal symptoms. Detailed conclusions of data analyses on a random sample will be provided in our final presentation & poster session. Qualitative narrative reports from staff & clients support general acceptance and positive support for continuation of services. Collaborative efforts were positive in seeking funding & logistic support for continuation of acupuncture services and building internal capacity for sustainability of the acudetox program at MATS.

NCCAM R21 grant: “Toward a Clinical Trial of Care Integration in New Mexico” (2004-2007)
Qualitative study of CAM and patient-provider issues regarding Integrative Medicine in under-served populations.
PI: Robert L. Williams MD, Co-investigator: Brian Shelley MD.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) (2004-present)
Study of health effects of MBSR in patients with mood disorders, chronic pain, and obesity.
PIs: Brian Shelley MD, Bruce Smith PhD (Health Psychology)

Mindful Eating and Living (MEAL) (2006-present)
Study of health effects of mindful eating in patients with obesity.
PI: Brian Shelley MD

CDC grant: Complementary Therapy Use among Primary Care Clinic Patients with Arthritis
Study of CAM use among patients with fibromyalgia and arthritis in Bernalillo County, NM.
PI: Carla Herman MD, Co-investigator: Arti Prasad MD.

American Cancer Society grant: Acupuncture for anxiety in women with breast cancer: A feasibility study
Study of acupuncture for anxiety in women with breast cancer at UNM.
PI: Brian Shelley MD.  Co-I: Nityamo Lian DOM.

American Cancer Society grant: “Integrative Medicine Needs Assessment at UNM Cancer Research & Treatment Center"
Study of CAM use among patients with cancer at UNM.
PI: Arti Prasad MD.

Surveys at UNM Health Sciences Center (HSC)
Primary care faculty: Integrative Medicine use, attitudes, knowledge.
PI: Arti Prasad MD, co-invest.: Brian Shelley MD.

HSC staff: Integrative Medicine use, attitudes, and needs.
PI: Arti Prasad MD.

Medical students and residents: Integrative Medicine use, attitudes, and knowledge.
PI: Arti Prasad MD.
CAM research activity and publications at UNM in last 15 years. Some topics have included: the biological effects of herbs and homeopathic remedies, spirituality, cultural aspects of traditional medicine in New Mexico, and the prevalence of the use of Integrative Medicine in New Mexico.