Educational Opportunities in Integrative Medicine

These educational opportunities are offered within the Section of Integrative Medicine and/or the Center for Life:

School of Medicine

SOM, Phase III - Comprehensive Ambulatory Care Rotation

Phase III medical students can opt for the CFL as their clinical site during the required course. One student is selected by lottery for each of the five annual sections of this course.

SOM, Phase III - CAM

Phase III medical students can opt for the Complementary and Alternative Medicine elective, directed by Arti Prasad, MD. This preceptorship is mostly self-designed. The course number is CLNS 685 - Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

SOM, Phase I-II

Perspectives in Integrative Medicine (elective)

SOM, Phase I

Lectures on Integrative Medicine and Nutrition.

College of Nursing, Students

Residents - Internal Medicine

A unique rotation has been designed for DoIM residents with support from the Weil Foundation.  Please contact Arti Prasad, MD.

Observational Internship Program

The Observational Internship Program is offered to students within six months of graduating from Oriental medical schools, Massage therapy, Nurse Practitioner, and Chiropractic schools. The program is also offered to professionals already practicing in the community who are interested in building upon clinical, referral, and diagnostic skills. Observation of professional practices at UNM Center for Life occurs weekly. There is a fee associated with this program.


Students from all of the allied health professions, and other institutions, are welcome at the CFL. Preference is given to students from the Universities of New Mexico and Arizona. Please contact Sally Fisher, MD, with as much advance notice as possible.