History of the Internal Medicine Residency Program

Vintage photos of UNM (photos from HSLIC)

(Inset, left) This 1966 photo shows the Basic Medical Sciences Building under construction at left. Albuquerque Indian Hospital is on the right, and beyond it to the north is the 7Up plant. The building behind the plant is believed to be the old mortuary. (Right) The 7Up bottling plant after its conversion to house the fledgling School of Medicine.

History of the Program

The University of New Mexico was founded on February 28, 1889, with the passage of House Bill No. 186 by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of New Mexico stipulating that "Said institution is hereby located at or near the town of Albuquerque, in the county of Bernalillo within two miles north of railroad avenue in said town, upon a tract of good high and dry land, of not less than twenty acres suitable for the purposes of such institution”.

In the late 1950s construction of the Bernalillo County Indian Hospital began on Lomas Blvd. In 1961, the UNM School of Medicine was founded by the State Legislature. The group of local physicians who founded the School of Medicine had the goal of creating a new way of educating medical students while training them to provide better health care for the State of New Mexico. The first class of 24 students began studies in 1968 in a converted mortuary and 7Up plant.

Early School of Medicine yearbooks 

Early School of Medicine yearbooks

Through the 1950s and '60s there were three hospital-sponsored internal medicine internship/residencies offered in Albuquerque. But in 1962, the University of New Mexico Department of Medicine combined the three hospitals into one residency with 24 residents in a three-year residency program under the direction of Dr. Sol Papper, the Chairman of Medicine. The salary was approximately $4200 to $5400 per year, with additional benefits (including salary) to married residents. Early on, the medicine service cared for all the medicine inpatients including Family Medicine patients.

In the 1970s the University gained control over the Bernalillo County Hospital and began building the North Campus, which included the School of Medicine. By 1995, UNM had the largest student and faculty populations of Hispanics and Native Americans in the country. Today we continue to be committed to improving health and health care in New Mexico by providing the best medical education, research, and clinical care.

Program Directors

William Hardy

Dr. William Hardy

The Chairman of Medicine remained the Program Director for most of the early years of the department. Dr. William Hardy assumed responsibility for the program in 1970.

Ann Gateley

Dr. Ann Gateley

In July of 1994, Dr. Ann Gateley took over as Program Director and, over the next two decades, expanded the residency to 74 residents.

Betty Chang

Dr. Betty Chang

In March of 2009, Dr. Betty Chang became just the third Program Director for the University of New Mexico’s Internal Medicine Residency program.

Jennifer Jernigan

Dr. Jennifer Jernigan

Dr. Jernigan was named Vice Chair, Office of Education and Residency Program Director for Internal Medicine on July 1, 2013.

Internal Medicine Residents (photo by Jerry Rose Studio)

The beginning: The first Bernalillo County Indian Hospital housestaff, 1962-1963