The Division of Palliative Care offers an accredited one-year in Fellowship Palliative Care ProgramApplications are accepted only through the"Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). 

Division of Palliative Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131
Phone: (505) 272-4868
Fax: (505) 272-9134

Clinical services:

• UNM Health Palliative Care
• UNM Health Locations

Palliative Care Research

Research in Palliative Care

Research at UNMH in the Palliative Medicine seeks to:

  • Better understand the palliative needs of our diverse population in the state of New Mexico
  • Palliative care access for patients with end stage renal disease
  • Advanced care planning for Native American patients
  • Improving access to Palliative Care for underserved populations with complex health problems
  • Analyze the quality of end of life cancer care for patients with advanced cancer, with a focus on disparities among different patient populations
  • Evaluate the impact of perioperative palliative care for patients with GI cancers
  • Improve outpatient palliative care
  • Assess the impact of educational activities on communication skill development among medical students
  • Telemedicine-Project Echo 

 Our Research is focused in these topics:

  • Medical Student Education in Palliative Medicine 
  • Means of providing excellent palliative care to patients of different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, and spiritual beliefs 
  • Integration of palliative care for surgical patients
  • Integration of Spirituality for Palliative Medicine Fellows
  • Integration of palliative care and cancer care outpatient palliative care
  • The association of adverse childhood events and trauma on patients receiving palliative care
  • Communication skills development via medical education

Ongoing Projects

  • Designing a Palliative Care Outpatient home visit program 
  • Disparities in Anal Cancer Presentation among Hispanics and Non-Hispanic Whites.
  • Evaluating the Impact of Palliative Care Consultation on Intensity of End of Life Care for American Indian (AI) Patients Hospitalized with Advanced Cancer
  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Grant: A Multi-centered Randomized Controlled Trial of Perioperative Palliative Care Surrounding Cancer Surgery for Patients and Their Family Members (the PERIOP-PC Trial). Collaboration with investigators at Johns Hopkins and Harvard to assess the impact of perioperative palliative care on patients with upper gastrointestinal cancers 
  • Retrospective analysis of quality of end of life care for American Indian, Hispanic, and non-Hispanic white patients with advanced cancer who receive inpatient palliative care
  • Surgeon Response to Patient Loss.
  • Surgery Resident Knowledge About Acute Pain Management
  • The impact of communication skills training on third year medical students' competence and skills in performing specific types of communication events
  • Underutilization of Palliative Care Consultations in Patients with Hepatobiliary Malignancies.