Division of Hospital Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine
MSC10 5550
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131
Phone: (505) 925-0660
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Hospital Medicine Practice and Research

The field of Hospital Medicine is rapidly progressing and since 1997 the UNM HSC Hospitalist Group has stayed at the forefront of this national trend. Our program strives to excel as practitioners, educators, researchers, and leaders. We have designed our program as an academic hospitalist program, with all faculty serving as educators and spending most of their time on teaching services. We are a cohesive group of providers who are passionate about inpatient medicine and we have structured our work schedules and expectations to ensure sustainability and satisfaction of our section.

Our primary responsibilities involve attending over six resident medical teams, including medicine consults, two non-resident services, and an ED Liaison service. Being in an academic center, we strive to stay current on recent literature and best practices, both to aid in our education of residents as well as each other.

Our hospitalists are involved in quality improvement throughout the hospital, with a focus in the following areas:

  • Glycemic control
  • VTE prophylaxis
  • Transitions of care/Discharge planning
  • Best practices: The Best Practice meeting aims to discuss accepted guidelines to care, recognize variances in practice, and propose ways to standardize.
  • BATCAVE Healthcare Simulation Program
  • Medicine Units Process Improvement Group

Besides advancing the practice of inpatient medicine and rapidly implementing best practices, our group is also taking a lead in hospital quality and efficiency. We take the initiative by leading in issues such as medication reconciliation, patient safety, emergency department overcrowding, mortality reviews, and quality walk rounds. Like many institutions, our clinical loads have increased and in an effort to protect our educational mission, we have started non-resident services staffed with hospitalists and mid-levels.

Unique to our program, we have protected time to engage in activities that improve the quality of all inpatients and aid in the health of our recently discharged patients. We take ownership of inpatient quality for all hospitalized patients. We lead and participate in many quality improvement endeavors including glycemic control, VTE prophylaxis, care transitions, hand-offs, health IT, etc. We have a close relationship with the ED and are actively involved in the development of a Rapid Response Team. We review 100% of deaths that occur on our services for potential quality and process improvements. Our physicians are members and/or chairs of many hospital committees focusing on the EMR, patient flow, medical education, pharmacy, quality, and safety. Some of our members are also actively engaged in research projects including DVT/PE, medical education, and infectious disease topics.