Division of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Preventive Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine
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About Prevention Medicine

Preventive medicine is a unique medical specialty that bridges the divide between public health and clinical medicine. Knowledge and skills of clinical medicine are combined with those of population health to address a broad range of areas such as health promotion and wellness, primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, chronic and infectious disease, environmental health, occupational health, risk hazard control and communication, health policy, health related research, and health management and administration. 

Our faculty are boarded in the specialty areas of General Preventive Medicine and Public Health and/or in Occupational Medicine. They oversee a number of programs, centers and clinics, including the UNM Preventive Medicine Residency Program, the UNM Center of Occupational and Environmental Health Promotion, and the UNM and UNMH Occupational Health Clinics. In addition, they are involved in collaborative research projects, sit on multiple local, regional and national research, safety and educational committees, and consult with numerous programs and industries both within and outside of UNM.