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Fellowship Contact

Keith Drummond, fellowship coordinator
Email: krdrummond@salud.unm.edu 
Phone: 505-272-4658

Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Department of Internal Medicine
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131
Phone: (505) 272-4657
Fax: (505) 272-5155

Contact the Endocrinology Division Staff

Photo: Fadi Ahmad

Fadi Ali Jamaleddin Ahmad - Research Tech 3

Email:  fjamaled@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Endocrinology
Phone:  272-4683
Photo: Janene Canady

Janene Canady - Nurse/Clinical Research Coordinator

Email:  JCanady@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Endocrinology
Photo: Keith  Drummond

Keith Drummond - Medical Education Prog Asst 1

Email:  krdrummond @salud.unm.edu
Office:  Endocrinology
Phone:  272-4658
Photo: Elizabeth Duran-Valdez

Elizabeth Duran-Valdez - Clinical Research Associate

Email:  EValdez@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Endocrinology
Phone:  (505) 272-5454
Photo: Ateka  Fondino

Ateka Fondino - Administrative Assistant 2

Email:  atekaal@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Endocrinology
Phone:  (505) 272-1200
Photo: Doris Hernandez McGinnis

Doris A. Hernandez McGinnis - Program Coordinator

Email:  DHernandezMcGinnis@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Endocrinology
Phone:  (505) 272-4822
Photo: Carolyn King

Carolyn King - Unit Administrator 1

Email:  CAKing@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Endocrinology
Phone:  (505) 272-4657
Photo: Janae Martinez

Janae Martinez - Research Coordinator

Email:  jherrer1@salud.unm.edu
Phone:  272-9887
Photo: Julia  Middendorf

Julia Middendorf - Nurse/Clinical Research Coordinator

Email:  jmiddendorf@salud.unm.edu
Phone:  272-1218