2016-2017 Internal Medicine Residents

Paul Andre

Andre, MD

Tulane University,
School of Medicine

Keith Davis

Davis, MD

University of
New Mexico,
School of Medicine

Kristen Gonzales

Gonzales, MD

University of
New Mexico,
School of Medicine

James Jackson

Jackson, MD

Texas A&M
Health Science Ctr,
College of Medicine

Lauren Liaboe

Liaboe, MD

University of Iowa,
Roy J. & Lucille A.
Carver College
of Medicine

Sahrish Abdin

Sahrish Abdin, MD

Aga Khan University Medical College

Reem Alkilany

Reem Alkilany, MD

University of Jordan Faculty Medicine

Caitlin Allen

Caitlin Allen, MD

St. George's University SOM

Amjad Alrashdan

Amjad Alrashdan,

Jordan Univ. of Science & Tech. Faculty of Medicine

Sara Anastas

Sara Anastas, MD

Charles E. College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic

Alexis Arias

Alexis Arias, MD

Univ. de Carabobo Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud

Nazeem Arsalan

Nazeem Arsalan, MD

Jinnah Sindh Medical University

Iftikhar Burney

Iftikhar Burney, MD

Texas A&M Health Science Ctr, College of Medicine

Chih-Wei Chang

Chih-Wei Chang, MD

Univ. of Hawaii, John A. Burns SOM

Dai Chihara

Dai Chihara, MD

Kobe University, SOM

David Cisneros

David Cisneros, MD

University of New Mexico, SOM

Tyler Earley

Tyler Earley, DO

Western Univ. of HSC of Osteopathic Med of the Pacific

ross davidson

Cathryn Erickson, DO

Western Univ. of HS College of Osteopathic Med

Imaneh Fallahi

Imaneh Fallahi, MD

Wayne State University, SOM

Zachary Gillooly

Zachary Gillooly, MD

University of New Mexico

Tanya Greywal

Tanya Greywal, MD

Univ. of California, San Diego SOM

Sara Janos

Sara Janos, MD

University of New Mexico

Trintje Johansson

Trintje Johansson, DO

Western Univ. of HSC of Osteopathic Med of the Pacific

Anna Jones

Anna Jones, MD

University of New Mexico

Vidit Kapoor

Vidit Kapoor, MD

 Army College of Med Sciences

Heather Meiselman

Heather Meiselman, MD

Ben-Gurion Univ. of the Negev Faculty of Health

TapuwaUmar Mupfumira

Tapuwa Mupfumira, MD

Univ. of Zimbawe College of HS

Madhura Myla

Madhura Myla, MD

Gandhi Medical College Secunderabad

Janet Nichols

Janet Nichols, MD

Baylor College of Medicine

Uzoamaka Ogbonnah

Uzoamaka Ogbonnah, MD

Univ. of Texas SOM at San Antonio

Reed Otten

Reed Otten, MD

Georgia Regents Univ. - Univ. of Georgia Medical

Owen Tyler Owens

Owen Owens, DO

Western Univ. of HS College of Osteopathic Medicine

Lloyd Petty

Lloyd Petty, DO

Nova Southeastern Univ. College of Osteopathic Medicine

Nasim Pourtabatabaei

Nasim Pourtabatabaei, MD

Tehran Univ. of Med Sciences

Surasri Prapsiri

Surasri Prapsiri, MD

University of New Mexico, School of Medicine

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez, MD

University of New Mexico, School of Medicine

Yoram Roman

Yoram Roman, MD

San Juan Bautista, School of Medicine

Tirajeh Saadatzadeh

Tirajeh Saadatzadeh, MD

Indiana University, School of Medicine

Shazib Sagheer

Shazib Sagheer, MD

Aga Khan University Medical College

Payal Sen

Payal Sen, MD

Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College, Pune

Sarah Olivia Sharkey

Sarah Sharkey, MD

Louisiana State University, School of Medicine in Shreveport

Hafiz ali asghar Sroya

Hafiz Sroya, MD

Nishtar Medical College

Dominique Van Beest

Dominique Van Beest, MD

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Ctr, Southwestern Medical School

Norma Wahba

Norma Wahba, MD

Minia University Faculty of Medicine

Mohammad Abdel Jawad

Mohammad Abdel Jawad, MD

Jordan Univ. of Science & Technology Faculty of Medicine

vanessa al rashida

Vanessa al Rashida, MD, MPH

University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine

hamzah alqam

Hamzah Alqam, MD

Mu'tah University Faculty of Medicine

katheina avila

Katheina Avila, MD

University of Texas SW Medical Center

christopher bartlett

Christopher Bartlett, MD

University of Miami Leonard M. Miller SOM

landon casaus

Landon Casaus, DO

Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine of MW University

krystal chan

Krystal Chan, MD

University of California, Davis, SOM

sylvan cox

Sylvan Cox, MD

Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University

ross davidson

Ross Davidson, DO

Oklahoma State Univ. Ctr for HSC of Osteopathic Medicine

James Dean

James Dean, DO

Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University

yosuke ebisu

Yosuke Ebisu, MD

Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

Fatemeh Jafari Farshami

Fatemeh Jafari Farshami, MD

Guilan University of Medical Sciences

Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson, DO

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Christopher Leone

Christopher Leone, MD

Univ of Texas SOM at San Antonio

Jeanne Lunz

Jeanne Lunz, MD

Louisiana State Univ. SOM in New Orleans

Umar Malik

Umar Malik, MD

Univ of New Mexico SOM

Renata Medina

Renata Medina, MD

St. Louis Univ SOM

Sergio Montano

Sergio Montano, MD

Univ. of Tx Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas 

Andrea Mytinger

Andrea Mytinger, DO

Western University of HSC of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

Francisco Rivera

Francisco Rivera, MD

Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador

Mario Rivera Bernuy

Mario Rivera Bernuy, MD

Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

Lucy Ruan

Lucy Ruan, MD

University of New Mexico SOM

Aaron Stecker

Aaron Stecker, DO

Western Univ. of HSC of Osteopathic Med. of the Pacific

Wa'el Tuqan

Wa'el Tuqan, MD

University of Jordan

Nicolas Villalobos

Nicholas Villalobos, MD

University of New Mexico SOM

Morgan Wong

Morgan Wong, DO

Arizona College of Osteopathic Med. of Midwestern University

Yara Abdou

Yara Abdou, MD

Jordan University of Science and Technology

Barakat Aburajab Altamimi

Barakat Aburajab Altamimi, MD

Jordan University of Science and Technology

Adeeb Aghdassi

Adeeb Aghdassi, MD

University of Virginia School of Medicine

Ola Azzouqah

Ola Azzouqah, MD

University of Jordan

Peter Bui

Peter Bui, MD

David Geffen School of Medicine UCLA

Alex Cano

Alex Cano, MD

University of Texas Southwestern

Tracy Carlson

Tracy Carlson, MD

Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

Diego Colom Steele

Diego Colom Steele, MD

Escuela Autonoma de Ciencias Medicas de Centro America

Sergiu Darabant

Sergiu Darabant, MD

Universitatea de Medicina Si Farmacie Luliu Hatieganu

Joshua Duchesne

Joshua Duchesne, MD

University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Emily Hanson

Emily Hanson, MD

Oregon Health and Science University

Steve Hu

Steve Hu, MD

University at Buffalo State University of New York

Irum Jan

Irum Jan, MD

Khyber Medical College

Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson, MD

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine

Ziyang Liu

Ziyang Liu, MD

Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Elise Lowe

Elise Lowe, MD

University of Washington School of Medicine

Kristen Lytle

Kristen Lytle, MD

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Martha Mapalo

Martha Mapalo, MD

University of Zambia

Carol Morales

Carol Morales, MD

University of New Mexico, School of Medicine

Sara Matani

Sara Matani, MD

University of Jordan

Adrian Moretti

Adrian Moretti, MD

University of Texas Medical Branch

Claudio Perez-Ledezma

Claudio Perez-Ledezma, MD

Universidad Autόnoma de Ciudad Juárez Instituto de Ciencias Biomédicas

Soumya Reddy

Soumya Reddy, MD

Gandhi Medical College, Secunderabad, India

Sarah Safadi

Sarah Safadi, MD

Jordan University of Science and Technology

Elyce Sheehan

Elyce Sheehan, MD

University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Annashia Shera

Annashia Shera, MD

University of Arkansas College of Medicine

Timothy Smith

Timothy Smith, MD

Creighton University School of Medicine

David Sosa

David Sosa, MD

Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine

Gail Stanley, MD

Gail Stanley, MD

University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Sonia Zaveri

Sonia Zaveri, DO

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

resident house staff

2014-2015 Internal Medicine Resident Recess Team Building

When I came to UNM on my interview day, I got lost and ended up in the emergency department.  The ED was so busy that day with a lot of different patients from different backgrounds, and since that moment, I liked this place because it was what I was looking for in a residency program. The diversity of patients exposes the residents to all sorts of different pathologies. And the more important thing is that everyone was so friendly and supportive here since the first day. The weather here is amazing too. In my free time, I like playing soccer, bowling, hiking, and watching movies. Mohammad Abdel Jawad

My name is Ola; a “hi” to me would be, "Hola, Ola.”  I went to medical school at University of Jordan. Starting my Internal Medicine residency at UNM is a dream come true. It has been only a few months for me in Albuquerque, and this place is already a second home to me. When I am not saving lives, I like hiking, swimming, & cooking for my friends. In this city full of culture & history I am always finding new experiences to explore. I must say the most special thing about this program is its people. Never ending support & friendship are rare to find, but I feel it here every day. Ola Azzouqah

My interests include running, cooking, the "Fenn Treasure", craft beer, road bicycling, swimming, and traveling. I attended the University of Miami and Miller School of Medicine before deciding on residency at UNM. Strengths of the UNM program made couples matching here easy.​ The depth of pathology and patient complexity reflects the "county hospital" nature of UNM. Plus, the residents and faculty are great -- down to earth, fun, easy to work with, and smart. Christopher Bartlett

I am from Alamogordo, New Mexico. My personal interests include salsa dancing, cooking, hanging out with my kids, and practicing yoga. My professional interests include primary care and academic medicine. I like everything about UNM. This is a very supportive environment to learn in. I like the fall, green chile, the balloon fiesta, and the state fair. Sandra Allen Cantu.

resident house staff

2014-2015 Internal Medicine Resident Recess Team Building

I bounced around a bit for undergraduate education, starting in Upstate NY, moving to Gunnison, CO, and then finishing up at UNM. I attended UNM medical school and am super-excited about internal medicine residency here at UNM. I enjoy many of the outdoor activities that NM has to offer: hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. I am looking forward to continuing my education with a fellowship, but at this point, I am undecided in what area. Being a resident with children, I can attest that there are plenty of fellow residents to spend time with and that the program is family-friendly. Josh Duchesne

My goals are well aligned with the University of New Mexico’s Internal Medicine Residency Program. As a Registered Dietitian, I was drawn to the Integrative Medicine track and look forward to combining these skills into my future practice as an Osteopathic Physician. I enjoy working with rural and underserved populations. As a novice Spanish speaker, I am anxious to improve my language skills in order to better severe my patient population. Lastly, I am drawn to the Southwest for its infinite sunshine, outdoor activities, and proximity to family and friends. UNM serves a diverse patient population and sees among the most critically ill patients in the region. The training residents receive is second to none. Collegial relationships between faculty and residents create a rich culture which promotes ongoing professional development. In addition, Albuquerque is a great city to continue your training as it provides ample diversity without the overwhelming size of a large city. Recreational opportunities are readily accessible, including hiking, mountain biking, and camping, all within 20-minutes from town. In my spare time I enjoy mountain biking, backpacking, and camping with my husband and our dog, Griffin. I enjoy playing music, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Kate Erickson

I am from Medford, Oregon. My personal interests are trail-running, rock-climbing, mountain biking, skiing, rafting and horse-back riding. Also, I believe in dance. Professionally, I want to be a well-rounded doctor. Every doctor should know how to suture, but what I really like is Cardiology. At UNM I like the balance between community and academic medicine, especially how accessible the culture is and how open to improvement and different interests the program is. I thought Portland had great access to the outdoors, but Albuquerque is a step up, and there is no competition for trail time! Emily Hanson

This program offers everything you could want for your residency education including research opportunities to international and integrative medicine experiences in a setting of high need and diverse pathology. My interview here was my last in a long series, and I was tired, but coming here I immediately felt energized, and that I fit with the program and the people. I knew leaving interview day that this program was my number one choice. I highly recommend the Internal Medicine Residency education at UNM because while being academically rigorous the program is not rigid and inflexible; the attendings are dynamic and are here because they love to teach. You have the breadth of opportunities that you would have at any academic program but in a culturally unique setting with a vastly diverse and underserved population. As a biological anthropologist, I am interested in the intersection of culture and health. I want to practice complex adult medicine with a holistic/total wellness approach in other to help my patients achieve their optimal health potential. Trintje Johansson

resident house staff

2014-2015 Internal Medicine Resident Recess Team Building

This is a large, friendly program where it was very obvious to me that everyone enjoys working with each other and helping each other out.  The combination of that with great weather, numerous outdoor activities, and close access to several skiing areas made this a great place for me, especially since I like spending my time outdoors. When I’m free I like to play golf, soccer, basketball, and tennis; plus I skiing, traveling, and spending time with my dogs.  Austin Leone

I went to medical school at University of Washington and transferred to UNM for my residency because it is the right size with a good academic rigor without the hierarchical structure of bigger institutions. The house staff is supportive and looks out for each other; everyone is approachable and willing to help me take my career of research in whatever direction I choose to pursue. And then there’s the great outdoor opportunities like running, climbing, skiing, backpacking, and mountaineering.  Elise Lowe

I am interested in integrative medicine and primary care, and the availability of tracts with certification in those areas at UNM appealed to me. I was also appreciative of the supportive atmosphere among both residents and faculty here. Albuquerque is a great place to live – with lots of outdoor activities, beautiful sunsets, delicious food, and a large population of people who are open to complementary and alternative medicine.  Jeanne Lunz

I chose UNM for medical school and my residency because the residents I worked with as a medical student were some of the hardest working, most dedicated and caring individuals I have met. I would recommend UNM to other applicants specifically for the people who make this program special, including the attendings, faculty, and fellow residents, who are all truly invested in education and training.  Umar Malik

I love to draw, mainly using charcoal, watercolors and oils. Art in all its forms is my main interest. The tulip is my favorite flower, and baby blue is my favorite color. Sara Matani

resident house staff

2014-2015 Internal Medicine Resident Recess Team Building

I am a native New Mexican, born and raised in Las Cruces, NM. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from NMSU. I worked as an Organic Chemist at NIH in Bethesda, MD, before applying to medical school here at UNM. I found my perfect fit in Internal Medicine during my 3rd year of medical school. I have found Internal Medicine to be extremely rewarding, and my ultimate goal is to become a hospitalist. Carol Morales

I chose UNM because I felt like I immediately fit in with the people here on my interview day. This is an academic center with excellent educational opportunities combined with a very friendly and supportive atmosphere for residents. I also love outdoor activities, which are great in this area! I can’t wait to go skiing this winter!  Andrea Mytinger

On my interview day I was impressed by the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the close relationships of the residents, and the approachability of the faculty and staff. I also wanted a residency where I would be exposed a wide variety of pathologies and would work with underserved populations. UNM provided both the promise of great community and a stellar learning experience. I would recommend UNM to other applicants because the people are supportive and friendly, and the many academic options. Whether you are interested in a research-driven fellowship, hospitalist medicine, or primary care. There is a support system and opportunity in all these fields, and great people to explore them with. I enjoy hiking in the local mountains, biking around town, swing dancing, and enjoy church. Elizabeth Nichols

I chose UNM because our staff, residents, and attending physicians are amazing individuals. They love to share their experiences and truly love to teach. They care and treat patients, and their families, with respect. The program nurtures physicians to be caring, and allows them to be themselves while providing a positive and supportive environment. I would recommend UNM to other applicants because of its supportive environment and for the way the program allows us to be ourselves. I love international volunteering; traveling, learning, and immersing myself in different cultures. I am also interested in outdoor activities, scuba diving, repairing homes, dancing, reading light novels, and drinking coffee and tea. Nat Prapasiri

I love swimming and spending time outdoors in nature. Before coming to UNM, I attended medical school in Lima, Peru. Challenging cases with complex medical and social issues, a diverse population, a friendly working environment, and a large Spanish-speaking population are some of the things I appreciate most about this program. In addition, the working environment is very supportive, offering an excellent balance of supervision and autonomy.  Mario C. Rivera

I’m a long-time resident of Albuquerque and attended medical school at UNM. I love the great research opportunities, the complex and dynamic patient population, and the sense of fulfillment that comes with treating an underserved community that I find here. Plus, everyone is happy to answer questions and teach! My interests include drawing comics, playing video games, sewing, watching Japanese anime, eating, and travelling.  Lucy Ruan

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas, but I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My professional interests include general medicine, but I am unsure about fellowship at this point. In general, I am interested in health policy and systems change. I am a procedure-oriented person as well. My personal interests include cycling, horses, outside stuff in general, skiing and winemaking (my husband is starting a winery). I like that UNM has a focus on community medicine, resident education, and program improvement. In Albuquerque, I enjoy the mountains, the improving biking trail system, the awesome weather, the nearby skiing (my favorite is Taos), the mix of cultures, and all the good concerts. Elyce Tryon Sheehan

I feel that UNM is the best place to learn and still enjoy a work life balance. The best part about UNM is how friendly everyone is and how supportive the work environment is. I would recommend UNM to other applicants because of that friendly and supportive work environment, and it helps that this is a beautiful city with great weather. My professional interest is in Nephrology, outside of work I love spending time with my family, exploring new places, fishing, and table tennis. I love Albuquerque, it is truly the Land of Enchantment. Hafiz Sroya

I am originally from Colorado. I moved to Boston for grad school, completing a MPH, and then completed Medical School back in Colorado. My interests are in Primary Care or a subspecialty with ample clinic time and time to explore the political side of medicine and patient advocacy. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and son (11 months), cooking, and discovering new trails in Albuquerque to hike and run. Gail Stanley

UNM is the perfect combination of a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere and serious academic center with almost every fellowship opportunity available in-house. In addition, UNM serves a rural population, so there is great pathology. Most importantly, I decided to come here because of all the great outdoor activities in the area! There’s amazing skiing, backpacking, camping, hiking, not to mention the proximity to Denver and Taos.  Aaron Stecker

I grew up in Guatemala City and went to medical school in Costa Rica. I'm an easy going person who likes books, movies, jogging, and watching sports. My wife and I moved to Albuquerque because the people are friendly, the weather is amazing, and there's plenty to do in terms of nature. My wife and I also love to rescue animals -- mostly dogs. I'm interested in pursuing fellowship after residency and hopefully staying here in the Southwest. Diego Colom Steele