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Terry Wu, PhD

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Contact Information

Email: TWu@salud.unm.edu

Research Assistant Professor

Academic Career

Wu received his BS from UCLA and his PhD in pathology from the University of Chicago. He joined UNM in 2002. 

Research Interests

Wu works on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of pneumonic tularemia. This is an extremely debilitating and potentially fatal disease caused by inhalation of the highly infectious bacteria Francisella tularensis. This, along with the bacteria causing anthrax and plague, was weaponized during WWII and is still considered a major biothreat by the US government. With funding from the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Wu and his team are currently using the latest technology and methods to develop safe and effective tularemia vaccines. Wu is a co-director of a CDC-certified high-contaminant BSL-3 facility that enables this type of research to be conducted safely.

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