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Deirdre Hill

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Contact Information

Email: DAHill@salud.unm.edu

Research Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine

Academic Career

Hill received her MPH in epidemiology from UCLA, and her doctorate in epidemiology at the University of Washington, Seattle. Her dissertation research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center involved assessment of continuous combined hormone replacement therapy in relation to endometrial cancer risk. She then worked with Dr. Leslie Bernstein at the University of Southern California in the Department of Preventive Medicine and was a senior fellow at the National Institutes of Health in radiation epidemiology. 

Research Interests

Hill has focused her research on several cancer-related issues:

  • Cancer health disparities, including the identification of risk factors for increased risk of breast cancer incidence subtypes in Latinas.
  • Cancer screening, including a Family CARE study randomized clinical trial of interventions to increase colorectal cancer screening in intermediate-risk individuals.
  • Cancer incidence and survival biomarkers, including tissue biomarkers of increased breast cancer risk in a nested case-control study of women who received a benign breast biopsy, some of whom went on to develop breast cancer.

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